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Boston Fashion Week Starts Strong with Fashion Evolves Forever

October 16, 2009

The Boston Bazaar Boston Fashion Week Fashion Evolves Forever

By Asha Isabella

Fashion lovers throughout Boston gathered at John Joseph Moakley US Courthouse Sunday September 27th for a three hour fashion affair featuring local, national, and Canadian designers. 


Chrome chairs lined the porcelain floor as models marched to techno mixes of Gaga, Kanye, and some of the top hits from almost two decades ago with dramatic makeup and this season’s trendiest hairstyles.  The front row was lined with mini dresses, statement shoes, tulip skirts, suits, bow ties, Chanel handbags and the trademark iMan gift bags.  The models emerged from backstage as the sun set over the Boston harbor and the room finally darkened, illuminated only by the spotlights and nonstop camera flashes. The Boston Bazaar Boston Fashion Week Fashion Evolves Forever Perpetual Hayfron


The show started with the revolutionary pieces of young jewelry designer Perpetual Anastasia Hayfron from Worcester.  Her wire pieces of bronze, coppers, and gold with splashes of color transformed art structures into couture jewelry of the future.  All of her pieces were accompanied with simple ensembles and strong lips with bold eyes. 


The jewelry designers continued to make their mark on Boston Fashion Week as the front row scrutinized each piece, some taking notes.  Chandler Jewelry by Kendall V. Bretto pushed boundaries introducing Boston to bold, over the top, daring, but pleasing to the eye pieces constructed with metal and chains.  Cataline De La Torre, fixated with florals mixed her jovial designs with striking makeup, intended to leave a remarkable impression.

The Boston Bazaar Boston Fashion Week Fashion Evolves Forever Catalina de le torre

The jewelry designers made way as the clothing designers prepared backstage.  The silhouette of frantic models, show crew, and makeup artists covered the screen separating the audience from the chaos of the fashion world. The first designer Gretchen Lafond of MadeMOIselle Boston sent her first model along with a bold purple cocktail dress, desirable by any young fashion lover.  The color was perfect for this season, as was the fit.  Lafond continued to send bold styles out with different shapes, textures and patterns. 


The designers continued to impress as Jillian Garski, one of Boston’s best and most original designers presented her collection of bold prints, daring color combinations, gorgeous structure with a mix of Mod shapes with today’s nostalgia for 80s colors.  The structured shoulders and synched waists mixed perfectly with the studded accessories. (below)

The Boston Bazaar Boston Fashion Week Fashion Evolves Forever Jillian Garski  

Boston designers continued to show their worth in the fashion scene as David Chum presented his collection which progressed from fashionable office attire to playful ensembles adorned with tulip skirts and structured waists.The Boston Bazaar Boston Fashion Week Fashion Evolves Forever David Chum






View all photos here: Photos by Chantel Weaver & Asha Isabella

For more information on the event go to

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